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What does a neutral density filter do?

Are you asking yourself ‘what does a neutral density filter or ND filter do’ and you want to enlarge your photography skills? Then by the end of this article you will not only understand the purpose of a neutral density filter (or ND filter), but you will also understand the

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how to photograph waterfalls

How to photograph waterfalls in 3 simple steps

In this article, you will learn how to photograph waterfalls with your camera by following 3 simple steps. Among landscape photography, waterfalls are one of the most stunning natural elements to capture. This is due to the motion of the water and its resulting silky effect. By applying these principles,

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Francesco Esposto

Lifestyle & Travel Photographer

I am a photographer and filmmaker based in the Netherlands. I focus my work on lifestyle and travel storytelling and offer my services for commercial projects worldwide.

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